Aside 29 Nov

There is nothing better than having a little rest in a forest with your friends or family on a warm Saturday afternoon after working hard for five days. It is good for your health and you can have fun. On Saturday the 10th of November, our teacher Brent took us to North Seoul Dream Forest. We split into 2 groups. One group had to go through the center of the forest and the other into the mountains. I was with Jina and Yu Hyeon and we went through the center.
The forest looked more beautiful because of the orange, red, and yellow leaves. The trees were in neat rows. In the first row, there were yellow ginkgo trees, the row behind were red maple trees, and then came the tall ever green trees. On one side there was a Korean traditional house. The name of it was Changnyeongwigung Ancetral Shrine. People took a rest for a while in the house. Near the Changnyeongwigung Ancetral Shrine, There was a place full of bamboos. In the center of the forest, there was a large lake. There weren’t any creatures living in it but it didn’t look that bad because of the beautiful autumn background. Black and white birds were in red trees. It made the ordinary lake into a wonderful scene in a drama.

We met with the other team in the playground near the back gate. We talked about what we were going to do the next hour and 10 minutes. Then we played in a pile of fallen leaves. It was great! Although we didn’t do it after like 30 seconds. We kicked the leaves, threw the leaves, and put leaves on other peoples hair. I had lots of fun because I was the one who through it, but Jina was shouting at us in a loud voice and was busy getting the leaves out of her hair. After the fun experience we went to the tower on the top of the mountain. There was a lift that can take us to the top of the mountain, but because of someone we had to walk all the way to the top. Thankfully, the mountain wasn’t that tall but it was still hard for us to climb up. Finally we went to the top and went into the tower. There was an elevator that went up to the top of the tower, but! We had to take the stairs because of our teacher. Calvin and Hosan had a race to the top. Calvin got knocked down in the middle and Hosan was waiting for us on the top looking very exhausted. From the top of the tower we could see the whole city. It was a great sight. When we came down, the girls took the elevator and the boys took the stairs again. Then we split into groups again.

This time on our team there was me Jina and Emily. Emily was so happy because she didn’t have to go with two boys. We went up the mountain with Brent (our teacher). It was quite cold on the mountains. There lots of trees, but I couldn’t hear any sounds of birds. It felt quite weird. I didn’t find exploring the mountain very fun so I just followed Brent the whole track. When we came out of the mountain, we waited for the other team to arrive in the entrance of the forest. When we met we took jumping pictures and went home.

It was very exciting and fun that day. Except for the mountain part and walking up the stairs. I think we had a good experience.