wolgye observation

10 Nov

About four weeks ago we went to Wolgye 2 dong(?) street. It was quite exiting to do class outside. There were lots of cars on the streets and shops on one side. The cars were mostly white, black, or silver. When we were observing Wolgye 2 dong, I could see that there were two sides of the street.

 On the one side of the street, everything was very old. There were small old houses, old shops, old cars and also other old things. The paints on the houses were chipping off, windows were dirty and there were long reddish brown pipes on the walls. There were lots of electric wires right above your head like a spider web. I could see lots of vegetable shops, hair salons, and real estates. Everything was very old, but I liked it because it was quiet and seemed peaceful.

 On the other side, everything was very new. There were tall apartments, clean paths for people to jog and lots of trees and flowers with beautiful bright colours. It was very clean and neat, but because of the tall buildings I couldn’t see the sun rise or something far away. When It was dark I couldn’t see any stars because of the bright houses. I couldn’t feel the nature, environment.


Something new can be good, but I think it is also okay to keep some of the old ones. I don’t think everything new is supposed to be good. 


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