Aside 29 Nov

There is nothing better than having a little rest in a forest with your friends or family on a warm Saturday afternoon after working hard for five days. It is good for your health and you can have fun. On Saturday the 10th of November, our teacher Brent took us to North Seoul Dream Forest. We split into 2 groups. One group had to go through the center of the forest and the other into the mountains. I was with Jina and Yu Hyeon and we went through the center.
The forest looked more beautiful because of the orange, red, and yellow leaves. The trees were in neat rows. In the first row, there were yellow ginkgo trees, the row behind were red maple trees, and then came the tall ever green trees. On one side there was a Korean traditional house. The name of it was Changnyeongwigung Ancetral Shrine. People took a rest for a while in the house. Near the Changnyeongwigung Ancetral Shrine, There was a place full of bamboos. In the center of the forest, there was a large lake. There weren’t any creatures living in it but it didn’t look that bad because of the beautiful autumn background. Black and white birds were in red trees. It made the ordinary lake into a wonderful scene in a drama.

We met with the other team in the playground near the back gate. We talked about what we were going to do the next hour and 10 minutes. Then we played in a pile of fallen leaves. It was great! Although we didn’t do it after like 30 seconds. We kicked the leaves, threw the leaves, and put leaves on other peoples hair. I had lots of fun because I was the one who through it, but Jina was shouting at us in a loud voice and was busy getting the leaves out of her hair. After the fun experience we went to the tower on the top of the mountain. There was a lift that can take us to the top of the mountain, but because of someone we had to walk all the way to the top. Thankfully, the mountain wasn’t that tall but it was still hard for us to climb up. Finally we went to the top and went into the tower. There was an elevator that went up to the top of the tower, but! We had to take the stairs because of our teacher. Calvin and Hosan had a race to the top. Calvin got knocked down in the middle and Hosan was waiting for us on the top looking very exhausted. From the top of the tower we could see the whole city. It was a great sight. When we came down, the girls took the elevator and the boys took the stairs again. Then we split into groups again.

This time on our team there was me Jina and Emily. Emily was so happy because she didn’t have to go with two boys. We went up the mountain with Brent (our teacher). It was quite cold on the mountains. There lots of trees, but I couldn’t hear any sounds of birds. It felt quite weird. I didn’t find exploring the mountain very fun so I just followed Brent the whole track. When we came out of the mountain, we waited for the other team to arrive in the entrance of the forest. When we met we took jumping pictures and went home.

It was very exciting and fun that day. Except for the mountain part and walking up the stairs. I think we had a good experience.

The Nokcheon Adventure

15 Nov

 Have you ever had a great adventure in  big city? Have you ever found out something new in a place where you always go? A few weeks ago, we went to Nokcheon station. It might sound a bit boring to just go to a normal subway station, but we didn’t go to Nokcheon station by subway, or the bus, or the taxi like other people do. We went through tall buildings, strange routes, and woods. We had an adventure! When we got out of the library, the adventure started.

 On Saturday, I went to Nokcheon station with my classmates and Brent. We first went around Induk university. There were a lot of people playing and exercising as always. We crossed the street and went to the other side of the road. On this side, there was a big wall. There were beautiful paintings about ‘The Little Prince’ on it. The paintings told the whole story from the beginning to the end. At the end of the wall there was a little park. There was a bench for people to take a rest. The yellow and red fall leaves were very beautiful. It was like a scene from a drama. We came out of the park and went on. While we were walking we saw an old lady under the trees picking something. She was wearing bright purple clothes with  light green pants. It was quite a funny sight. We went through the apartments and the markets. Then we followed Brent into a scary route. It actually wasn’t that spooky but he called it ‘scary route’. There weren’t many people. There were lots of tall trees instead. Wind blew on my face, I could smell fresh air and sounds of little birds chirping came into my ears. It was a new place for me in a city. In the woods, there was a small temple colored in a light minty color. It looked like one of the magic houses in a fantasy. A few meters from the temple, there were lot of graves and a old traditional house.It was called the Wolgye dong Gaksimje. Near the Gaksimje there were two fat chickens walking around. It was the first time seeing a chicken in this kind of place. So it a bit interesting. We went past Hanul kindergarten and went into a supermarket. Brent bought each of us a bottle of water. I was very thirsty then.

 After all the walking, we went hiking on Choan mountain. When I went in I tripped over by mistake. There was a big hole right in front of the entrance. It was a great place for people to trip over. Emily helped me get up. While we were hiking, we saw a poodle training. It was very good at jumping. The dog hopped lightly like a little rabbit. At the middle of the mountain there were parks, tennis courts and soccer fields. There were lots of big people training in the soccer fields. They looked very tired. Next to all these courts, there was a forest full of tall pine trees and a fence that cut the forest in half. In the forest there was an old man sleeping on the ground with his jacket on the bottom. He looked very peaceful. We didn’t want to wake him up so we went across quietly. We went on our way and saw a camping place. There were people  camping that very moment. I also want to come camping next time. It is going to be so cool! Near the camping place there was a stream running down. We followed the stream and came into a small village.

 It was quite strange for a village to place in that kind of place. I never knew there was a place like this here. The houses were very small and dirty. It was quiet. It was like the country side. Some houses had briquets. There was a puppy between a gap barking loudly. It looked afraid. We got out of the village and walked along a big road with no cars. On one side of the road there was fire burning op little pieces of paper. It was so interesting. There were other weird things too. There was a shopping cart in the middle of the road. There was still a 100 won coin in it. We tied to get it out but it was no matter. We walked a few more minutes and finally arrived at Nokcheon station.

 It was a whole new experience today. I saw cool things and strange things. I think it was a good idea to walk to Nokcheon station this way. The adventure was fun and I hope I can have another one next time.   

wolgye observation

10 Nov

About four weeks ago we went to Wolgye 2 dong(?) street. It was quite exiting to do class outside. There were lots of cars on the streets and shops on one side. The cars were mostly white, black, or silver. When we were observing Wolgye 2 dong, I could see that there were two sides of the street.

 On the one side of the street, everything was very old. There were small old houses, old shops, old cars and also other old things. The paints on the houses were chipping off, windows were dirty and there were long reddish brown pipes on the walls. There were lots of electric wires right above your head like a spider web. I could see lots of vegetable shops, hair salons, and real estates. Everything was very old, but I liked it because it was quiet and seemed peaceful.

 On the other side, everything was very new. There were tall apartments, clean paths for people to jog and lots of trees and flowers with beautiful bright colours. It was very clean and neat, but because of the tall buildings I couldn’t see the sun rise or something far away. When It was dark I couldn’t see any stars because of the bright houses. I couldn’t feel the nature, environment.


Something new can be good, but I think it is also okay to keep some of the old ones. I don’t think everything new is supposed to be good. 

Hello world!

27 Oct

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